Kiewit Offshore Services

Kiewit Offshore Services (KOS) is a full-service contracting company that undertakes rig upgrades and servicing, industrial fabrication (both onshore and offshore) and overall marine shipbuilding and repair.

KOS has two facilities on the Burin Peninsula: the Marystown Shipyard and the Cow Head Fabrication Facility. KOS facilities have the capability to build very large, complex structures and can employ up to 800 workers during peak time.

The Drilling Support Module (DSM) for the Hebron gravity base structure (GBS) is being built at the Cow Head facility. It is a four level structure, 35m long, 22.5m wide and 20m high, and weighing 3,200 metric tonnes (that is over 7,000,000 pounds!).

Once complete, the DSM will be moved to Bull Arm and mounted on top (“topsides”) of the Hebron gravity base structure (GBS). A living quarters module and production equipment will also be mounted topsides on the GBS.

In 2004-2005, the Cow Head Fabrication Facility fabricated modules and installed the full topsides for the SeaRose FPSO. It has also performed maintenance work on the Terra Nova FPSO.