Tankers are ships designed to transport oil between destinations.

“Shuttle tankers” are specially designed to load oil from offshore GBS and FPSO storage facilities and deliver it to transhipment facilities or refineries.

Smaller “commercial tankers” then load oil from these facilities and deliver it to market for sale to consumers. Some of the oil from Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore goes as far as India!

The shuttle tankers bring oil from the Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose fields to refineries such as the North Atlantic refinery in Come by Chance and to transhipment facilities such as  Newfoundland Transhipment Limited in Whiffen Head.

There are many tankers operating in the local industry. Some names you may recognise are the MT Mattea, MT Kometik, MT Jasmine Knutsen and MT Heather Knutsen, all operated by the company Canship Ugland, as well as the Alsterstern, Havelstern and Travestern, operated by Coastal Shipping Limited.