Industrial parks are also hubs of the oil & gas industry. Industrial parks are areas which are designated for industrial and business use only, and contain no housing. Oil & gas workplaces in industrial parks include warehouses, laydown areas, workshops and offices. They are usually on the edge of a town/city, have good transportation access and include the infrastructure that businesses need.

Donovan’s Business Park is the largest business/industrial park in Newfoundland and Labrador. It houses many oil & gas supply and service companies. Supply and service companies provide drilling support, well services, construction, equipment repair, maintenance and storage, and any other supplies and services required to produce oil. The membership listing contained on the Noia (Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association) website provides a listing of most of the supply & service companies serving our local industry.

Skilled Trades:

  • Pipefitters – lay out piping systems and ensure the components are tacked together.
  • Welders – finish welding joints in piping systems. They also weld structural steel, aluminum and other materials.
  • Electricians – specialize in the electrical wiring of buildings and facilities offshore.
  • Millwrights – install, maintain, and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.


  • Mechanical Technicians – install and maintain mechanical equipment such as valves, motors, etc.
  • Electrical Technicians – install and maintain electrical equipment.
  • Quality Control Technicians – monitor the quality of finished products to confirm they are defect-free.
  • Instrumentation Technologists – assist in the development of methods of measuring and controlling processes.

Business and Administration:

  • Human Resources Advisors – provide a full range of support to a company’s employees from recruiting personnel, to developing and negotiating benefit packages to counseling and disciplinary actions.
  • Accountants – monitor the financial aspects of the business.
  • Administrative Assistants – assist in the day to day operations of the office.
  • Material Managers – oversee the finding, buying and storing of raw materials, parts and other components that go into a project.
  • Contracts Administrators – negotiate contracts, assess and evaluates bids, budgets and performance, and keep records of deadlines, extensions and changes to contracts over the contract period. 
  • Buyers – research, evaluate and buy products for companies to either resell to customers or use in their everyday operations.

Specialty Services:

  • Health and Safety Advisors –  facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of workplace safety programs.
  • Security Manager/Officers – develop, document, and implement policies and procedures for protecting company assets.
  • Environmental and Regulatory Advisors – review, monitor and enforce  governmental regulations, internal policies and industry best practices.